Were You at the Eagle?

Were you a customer at the Atlanta Eagle on the night of the raid?  If so:

  • Your rights may have been violated
  • You are not alone

It is illegal for the police to detain and search individuals who are not personally suspected of any crime, simply because they are present at a public place.

Please contact the owners of the Eagle, and file an official complaint to document your experience.

If you were present during the raid, please come forward and make your voice heard, along with many others who were at the Eagle that night.  Please contact the owners of the Atlanta Eagle to share your experience and learn what is being done about what happened that night.

In addition, please file complaints with the Atlanta Police Department and the Atlanta Citizen Review Board.  Both the Police and the Citizen Review Board are investigating the raid, and to get to the truth and hold people accountable they need to gather facts from as many witnesses as possible.  The complaint process is explained here.

Do you want to contact someone confidentially?

If you are not comfortable speaking about your experience publicly, and would prefer to speak with someone confidentially, you can do so by contacting a lawyer.  If you contact an attorney for legal advice, the information you give the attorney is strictly protected by Attorney-Client confidentiality; the lawyer is not allowed (and cannot be forced) to share the contents of your discussion with the police, the news media, or anyone else without your permission.  Contacting a lawyer to ask about your rights does not obligate or commit you in any way.

If you would like to learn about your rights privately and confidentially, please contact an attorney of your choice.  If you like, you may contact Dan Grossman, who represents the Eagle and many of the patrons in connection with the raid, or any other attorney of your choice.


Please feel free to post comments about the Atlanta Eagle Raid.

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