Atlanta Eagle Patrons File Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Atlanta Police

by on November 24, 2009

The Atlanta Eagle, and patrons who were present during the police raid on September 10, 2009, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit this morning against the City of Atlanta, Police Chief Richard Pennington, and the individual police officers involved in the raid. The lawsuit was filed jointly by Atlanta attorney Dan Grossman, the Southern Center for Human Rights, and Lambda Legal.

Contact information.

A complete copy of the complaint is available for download, and additional details about the lawsuit will be posted soon: Calhoun v. Pennington [pdf]

To learn more about the case, you can read full details about What Happened at the Atlanta Eagle, or review a brief summary about the Police Raid.

If you were at the Eagle during the raid, you can also learn more about how to join the lawsuit as a plaintiff.

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